Valentina Amoroso wrote that discomfort often marks the beginning of a search for stories that reflect the human condition. By examining everyday life, we can challenge and question the norms and structures that shape us. Meanwhile, Camilo found new creative opportunities in the virtual world, allowing him to reinvent narratives and create new physicalities for his digital sculptures.

Uruguay • Lisbon, Portugal

Theic Licuado

Camilo Núñez is a Uruguayan artist who focuses on figurative painting strongly influenced by classical Greek and Roman mythology. These stories represent various aspects of the human condition, featuring gods created in the image and likeness of humans. They deal with themes of love and lust, envy and anger, violence and death. We can empathize with the characters because their feelings, desires, and struggles are our own.

His contemporary perspective questions the canons of history. He explores other techniques, such as technology, sculpture, and painting.

This artwork is a part of the Artefact Collection.